Top Things You Should Know About Using Fitted Contact Lenses to Correct Your Vision

When you think about someone wearing contact lenses, you might think about them using them for temporary vision correction. However, nowadays, there are special fitted contact lenses that can be used to reshape your cornea and actually make permanent, positive changes to your vision. If you think this idea seems pretty exciting, these are some of the things you're going to want to know.

It's Mostly Designed for People Who Are Nearsighted

First of all, vision correction of this type is not for everyone. It's typically an option for those who suffer from myopia, or nearsightedness. Those who suffer from certain diseases or conditions might not be a good candidate for this type of treatment. If you ask your eye doctor about whether or not fitted contact lenses for vision correction are right for you, they can help you determine whether or not you're a good candidate.

It's an Option for Children

Unlike many treatment options, fitted contact lenses can sometimes be used to treat children's vision. Therefore, if you have a child who has myopia, you may want to ask their doctor about whether or not fitted contact lenses might work for them.

Some Prefer it Over Surgery

Of course, there are other options that you can look into for long-term or permanent vision correction. For example, many people opt for laser eye surgery. If you have found that laser eye surgery is not right for you, or if you are nervous about surgery for some reason or another, then you might want to look into fitted contact lenses. You may find — as many others have — that it's a better option for you than surgery.

It's Important to Follow Your Eye Doctor's Advice

Wearing fitted contact lenses could be an excellent solution for you, and it could even be something that you should consider for your child. However, it's very important for you to follow your eye doctor's advice each step of the way if you choose this vision correction method. After all, you'll need to follow their directions closely if you want to see the most improvement in your eyesight. Additionally, there are some risks — such as the risk of infection — that you can greatly reduce by following your eye doctor's recommendations. Your doctor should give you lots of information before and after you get started, but if you have questions or need advice, you shouldn't be afraid to call or visit your doctor for more information.

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